Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cloth Diapers 101 Webinars!

I haven't really publicized our household cloth diapering habit, so here it is: We cloth diaper! There are so many different reasons to use cloth, ranging from how economical they are, to how much less of an impact they have environmentally than their disposable counterparts. These are just two of my reasons, I also love how cute they are and how easy it is to cloth diaper!

Cloth can be very overwhelming to a novice. Modern cloth diapering is so different from our mother's cloth diapering experience. There are many different type of diapers for many different diapering styles! And prices can range from very economical, to more expensive than disposables, depending on your choices and diaper savvy. Have no fear, there are hundreds of resources and informational aids out there! I just want to share one I find helpful.

Babykicks Brand Diapers have sponsored and created the Cloth Diapers 101 Webinar online cloth diaper classes! Here's a quick clip from their blog, showcasing their online classes:

'You may have already heard about BabyKicks online cloth diaper classes, and perhaps you’ve already tuned in to one. Either way, if you are looking for information about cloth diapers, pregnant and checking into all the different options available, or are utterly overwhelmed with all the different options available then we are sure you will benefit from this class. It can be much easier to attend a class while you’re at home, on break, or at a friend’s house then it is to pack up the kids, or find a babysitter, and make it on time to a local cloth diapering class (if there is even one available where you live). We started the online classes to make it more convenient for busy and/or expecting parents and also to help inform caregivers and family members about how easy cloth diapers really are. The class may even help to ease skeptics into the idea of changing a cloth diaper. Any type of cloth diapering class is excellent, and local classes are especially good because you can see and touch the items being shown, whereas in our online class this isn’t possible. And, of course that is a downside, but our class is very informative and is also live. This way you can have your questions answered immediately. It’s possible to use our class to become more familiar with cloth before seeking out and attending a class local to your area. Like a “dip your toes in to test the water” kind of thing. The class is twice a month and runs for an hour.'

Sounds great, doesn't it?!

I'd like to share a few links with you.
First, here is the BabyKicks Cloth Diaper 101 Webinar Schedule. Secondly, I have a link to the BabyKicks Website. And lastly, BabyKicks is hosting a giveaway designed to spread the word about their Webinars. So if you're interested in cloth diapering and want to try winning a few to do a trial run, feel free to hop on over to their Blog to learn how to enter!


That one girl said...

Yeah, I TOTALLY want to try cloth diapers!

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Natalie A. said...

Hopefully I'll try them out one day! Thanks so much for entering my giveaways and leaving comments on my posts! Have a great weekend!