Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Someone Needs a New Bathroom...

And it's me. 

We've been renovating room by room through our house. First the Nursery, then the Kitchen. Next is the Living Room. But the bathroom isn't a huge project like these are. It's small and outdated, but we don't need to rip out the walls and replace everything

This is what I have to work with... 

A bathroom is supposed to be a tranquil and calming getaway. A 10 minute refuge from everyday life. From cleaning, cooking, laundry and the kids. But this bathroom is solely function. 

I need something light and refreshing. A place I can take a shower and feel exhilarated and revived! I need a room that is still functional, but reflects on our current position in life. We aren't in college, we aren't eating ramen noodles every night.. our house shouldn't look like we do. And since this is the only bathroom in the house, I'd like it "visitor ready" as well. I'd like to be proud of my bathroom (what an odd statement!).

SO... Here's my plan. 
We already have light, neutral tile for both the floor and the counter-top (we bought enough to do the bathroom when we bought for the kitchen floor and counter tops). It's just a matter of hubby having a completely free week to do the labor.

I'd like to repaint the vanity and replace the faucet.

And for extra storage, I'd like to put an above toilet storage cabinet. 

I hate how the medicine cabinet isn't framed, I'd like something with a light frame.

I like my current curtain, but it makes the room feel extremely small. Something lighter in color would open the space a lot. 

I'm thinking 2 Small Sconces to the left of the toilet.

And to pacify my need for soft scent and my artistic flair, 2 Medium Floating Picture Frames with pressed leaves on the wall next to the door and a few candle holders on the vanity.

A gallon of paint in a lighter shade of sand that compliments the curtain and all in total would come in at under $300! Talk about a simple yet drastic makeover!

Eventually that sink needs to be replaced. (The previous owners must have dumped something extremely corrosive down that drain because the porcelain is eroded away!) But that can come later. 

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Heidi said...

Hey! Thanks for the entry! Sorry some of your comments didn't go through- I just went through my spam folder and yours and 2 others were in there! SORRY! Good luck! :)