Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The first casualty of the military lifestyle

So it has happened. We had to give away our first dog. Hubby and I got TJ in November 2008. He was our first dog together and was a part of the family. But he never adapted to change very well. We had our daughter and he started getting anxious easily. Then Hubby graduated and we bounced around the country for a few months. Finally we bought our first house and thought he would settle down. But TJ withdrew more and became more stubborn. He started running away for a few hours at a time; he would spend his day avoiding my daughter and I, hiding in empty rooms in the house. Finally, he refused to come inside and snapped at me. Hubby and I drew the line at that, I will not allow a potentially dangerous animal in the house with my daughter. So Sister-In-Law drove halfway across the country to take him for us. At least now we know he'll be in a house without kids, with an owner who can devote the time and attention to him that he needs.

The first casualty of military life. TJ, we will miss you.

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The Baby Store Plus said...

Hi, Following you back now! That is a beautiful turtle daughter has a turtle tattoo also, she would go nuts over yours.