Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweating Through the Heat

My husband and I are happy new home owners! We signed for our first home this spring. And signed for all the joys of home-ownership as well. Which include, but are not limited to: tearing down the moldy drywall in the unfinished basement, 'sealing' the home to deter air-conditioning and heating waste, replacing old, broken windows and fixing a destroyed fireplace mantle. It was a fixer-upper home to be sure, but the hubby and I were looking for a house we could make into a home. We've been struggling along with home repairs and enjoying every minute of it (at least pretending to enjoy it, that is).

Just a few months after our rental turned into ownership, our air conditioner died! It's the hottest, most humid couple of weeks we've had in Missouri, what timing! With a toddler and dogs, it's been difficult to handle the heat.

After reviewing the problem and calculating our other repairs, finances and expenses, we've decided to lose the AC for the summer. It will be a Spring '11 project. Until then, we've been making due.

Here are some of the ways we've handled the heat:
- Water-bottles. We are constantly consuming water, staying hydrated is the first step to health, regardless of the heat.
- Box fans in the windows. Keep the air flowing. Every room has at least one fan. The bedrooms have more.
- Keep the curtains closed. Sunlight is great, as long as it's not adding heat to an already hot area.
- Water-fun. Lily spends a couple afternoons a week in the kiddie pool or running through the sprinkler.
- Cool Showers and baths. Not only does it feel good, it lowers internal body heat, which is a much needed break. Doesn't need to be long, only 5 minutes.
- Blankets in the freezer. Throwing Lily's blankie in the freezer for 15 minutes before bedtime gives her a cool down as she falls asleep.
- Keep the heavy activity chores to early morning or late evening. Not while people are sleeping or course, but yard work, including mowing, weeding and other maintenance is a lot easier without the sun beating down on you.
- Run the dishwasher overnight. No need to add heat to the house when it's hottest, the kitchen can swelter when we're in bed.
- Spend one day cooking for the whole week. If I want to sweat in the kitchen, I'll be sure to make food. If I do all the cooking in one day, I can avoid the extra sweat the rest of the week.
- Line dry the laundry. I do this anyway, but it's a great way to avoid adding dryer heat. And the sun is a great stain buster. I also love the outdoor clean smell!
- Keep the lights off. You wouldn't believe how much extra heat a few light bulbs can throw off.

Keep cool this summer!


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Morgan said...

I had never thought of putting a blanket or lovie in the freezer! It sounds like you've got some great ideas for staying cool. I'm amazed that you guys went A/C free! Especially with the entire month of July and most of August in the 90's-100's!

I hope you guys are enjoying the cooler temps this week!