Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toddler Activites: Paper Dolls

Because I'm a perfectionist, prep for this activity took a whole 90 minutes last night. Ridiculous. I could have made it only 20 minutes if I wanted to. 

I needed internet access, the printer, cardstock scissors, double sided tape and decorative additions (stickers, foam and crayons to let toddler have fun with the clothing).

I used this template HERE for the doll bodies and clothing printables.

For preparation, I simply cut out the bodies, clothing and hair. I pre-taped the hair to the doll and added faces so the process could go just a little bit faster and Toddler would stay interested.

I made one of the dolls so Toddler could see a finished version of what she was creating. She went to town adding stickers to a dress.

Crayons made shoes "perfect" (as Toddler put it lol)

Her first finished doll.

A few of the dolls. We made 6 in all and she had a lot of fun!
I am fully aware that paper dolls are not completely age appropriate for a toddler. I do not expect them to last long now that she's playing with them. It was mostly for the fun of the activity. Cardstock made them study enough to stand up without "wilting". And she loved the random faces and expressions I drew on the dolls. 

I love that she had to think about how the items went onto the dolls. She chewed her tongue in concentration while carefully centering and placing each item . It was a creative learning experience!

All in all, a success!

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