Saturday, October 8, 2011

Frame It Up!

I found a terrific little shop in Springfield. The owner attends estate sales throughout the area and sells terrific items! I found 2 completely UGLY frames with a LOT of potential! I didn't take before photos (oops!) but the square frame was aged gold. It is a plastic frame and it was hideous. But I knew there was potential so I nabbed it anyway. Honestly, I regretted the purchase by the time I was driving home. And again a day later. But I went ahead with re-purposing it anyway and I'm very happy with the results! And the larger rectangular frame was antique red wood. Painted a few times with gouges, chips and weathered. I loved it the way it was but had a different idea for the room I'm placing it in. 

Isn't it gaudy? I love it! Honestly, gold was too much. And some would say sunshine yellow is a little much too. I think it's perfect to draw attention to the simplicity of the project we're putting in this frame.

I did decide to leave the original matting alone, it's a little weathered and aged, I like how it isn't too shiny, it adds depth.

I had to share the detail of the frame, I love it! I'm glad the black tones it down a bit, otherwise it would be too busy for the project I want to frame in it.
Oh the miracles of spray paint; I think I'm in love. These are going to house a few projects I'm doing with toddler to hang in the play room when we're done ripping the walls out, insulating them (again, why oh why was this house built without insulation?!?) and redoing the drywall. I'm keeping my ideas to myself until they pan out, but I'll be making a few tutorials throughout the fun filled process! 

And this is a project I did with Toddler. It's a simple wooden craft panel and letter from the local craft shop. We mixed the paint colors from Clementine Art to match the playroom colors. I gave Toddler the paint and a sponge and let her at it. After the paint dried, I helped her glue the letter to the board. She had a ball and I love how personal the finished product is! I especially love the exposed glue that makes it so lovingly homemade looking. She did  terrific job for a little girl!

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