Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playroom Curtains, Finally Finished!

Toddler is fairly destructive. She's just curious, wants to take things apart and hasn't come to the understanding that I can't always fix what she "disassembles". This went for her cheap vinyl window blinds as well. So I had to come up with curtains she would leave alone. This meant no generic free-hanging gathered curtains (she likes to hang on them and spin in them, not an option). So I found THIS DIY Roman Shade link on Pintrest and had a plan!

First of all, the above tutorial was a sew-free project. I'm a sew-er, so I modified the plans to fit my abilities (I just don't feel as capable with fabric tape, I feel like it would just fall apart.) Secondly, I needed fabric. We didn't find anything Toddler and I both loved at all 3 "local" fabric stores. Since we drove 90 minutes to get to them, it was frustrating to say the least. But.... redemption. We were looking for crayons, glue and other supplies at Target and Toddler grabbed a package of Twin Sized Sheets off a Clearance End Cap. I almost told her to put them back because she still sleeps in a toddler bed (or our bed... usually our bed). But a lightbulb clicked. I don't anticipate the need for blackout curtains in a playroom, so why not use this fabric? 

It was a success, we've decided to work the rest of the playroom off the colors of this fabric! And as a bonus, for only $7, I had enough fabric for the curtains and an entire flat sheet of fabric to spare for any other projects I think of for the play room.

Thirdly, I needed cheap vinyl blinds, regular Elmer's Glue and a hot glue gun.

Then I decided I wanted a valence for the treatment as well. So I found two of my old skirts, one pink and one teal, both miraculously matching the fabric Toddler picked out. There was just enough fabric to complete two valences for the two windows. Then, instead of a traditional rod, I wanted to try something a little more whimsical and cut a few small dry branches out of our brush thicket. I spray painted them and used plant hangers to fix them onto the wall. I then custom fit the valence to the branch and tada!

Here is the finished window treatment!

What do you think?

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KJ McCabe said...

What a neat idea using the branch! I love it!